Friday, March 30, 2007

The Amazing Race Asia II deadline extended

Aiyah! Should have found out about this earlier!
Then i could have more wine at Vintry. Grrrrrrr....
Luckily we didn't pay for the super super fast DHL service .
That'll cost us another bottle of wine!

The Amazing Race Asia II deadline's been extended to April 13th 2007. sigh

Run Jess Run!

The submission made it in time!
Friday, 3pm. Big PHEW! Jess & Jeff's Amazing Race Asia submission reached AXN in time.
It was a big risk yesterday that we had to take yesterday, whether or not to use DHL's normal service or overnight (100% guaranteed) service to Singapore. Seeing that the difference was RM120, and that we were broke, we decided on the normal service.

We finished our video on Wednesday night. Yea, cutting it a little too close weren't we? And we had to finish the last bits of the video after 1 beer and quarter of vine each, since we were celebrating Jeff's belated 28th Birthday at Vintry.

Calamities which we faced :
- The last bits of the video with me inside had me with only one side of the contacts, because my left eye was bloodshot ( not from the wine ) and it was hurting.
- Our final video was close to 5 minutes long, so one eye jess here and jeff had to be brutal in cutting down the time. Oh while we are at it, we kidnapped Jo from her bed at close to midnight to get her to hold the video camera for us
- I didn't have a recent passport picture ( and i was too busy running around during work to do it ). Thanks to technology and the changgihness of digital cameras, I managed to capture a "passport" picture of myself, half high from the alcohol, one eye blind, stinky 3 day old t-shirt that says "I'm incredible" and a pasty oily face.
- Tada, after everything was done, forms filled up, photos taken... we couldn't play our video on a DVD player. The time, 3am. ARGH! That means, that leaves us Thursday morning to convert the video into a VCD / DVD format!!
- Frantic calls and sms-es were made whilst i was driving my self to work, to check on how we could get the video into a DVD format. And both Jeff and i had 11am meetings.
- After half a day of frantic calls, getting Julie ( thanks babe!), Chu ( our IT guy at work ) and Arleen to help convert our video, we had to rush ourselves to DHL. Problem is, we both have 3pm - 5pm meetings, which means might miss the courier deadline.
- Much excuses made to wiggle ourselves out of the office, me passing the VCD to Jeff at his BAT office, and then off to DHL.
Before the Amazing Race Asia has even started I am already feeling tired!

Work is on again!
It didn't help that finally God heard my prayer of "Give me some work before i go nuts". Right when there's a personal project that is rushed, work begins to pile itself.
- The approval for 3 TVCs came in. Which means going on shoots, and this being overnight shoot. Another zombifying day.
- One other client kept rejecting our creatives. Finally after a long uphill task, they've approved the press ad. Another rush, we have already exceeded our deadline for the other POSMs.
- The adrenaline rush that i experienced this week is really amazing. I could literally feel my creative juices oozing out. During trainings, brainstorm, discussions & personal projects, the ideas came really easily.

This week flew past really quickly. Too many waking up at 6ams and sleeping at 3am, makes me delirious in the head and a liver that quivers ( i didn't have enough of vine at Vintry!)

Fun Bits
- Vintry : Small little reunion with Chris, Jeff, Kelvin & Jean. Good food, good vine ( just not enough) and good company! Though Jeff was the birthday boy, Kelvin took most of the bantering as we spilled his "ex-es" story to Jean! Sigh, nothing too scandalous, though lots of colourful characters that he dated.

- The Traveller : Spinning a story for The Traveller. They recently won Tatler's 2007 Best Travel Agency in Singapore ( Yay Aunty Yvonne!). Best bits about writting the story is to imagine that i know Singapore really well, and romantising it for a traveller.

- Babysitting Bessy : Today's the first day Bessy came to stay with us for the weekend, as Yuez & Nut climb KK.
Now i truly understand how tiring it can be for Yuez, as her little girl is really really really hyper. 6am wake up call for me, to feed her and a 2 hour wait for her to poo poo, because she's gets so excited and just want to Play. Even Winston's energy level couldn't match hers. And it's really funny to see how Uncle Winston gets all grouchy because of Bessy's over-enthusiatic love for him. Jumping on him, smelling his "ku ku", licking him, prancing around in front of him taunting him when he's at his Lazy Dog pose saying "come get me, come get me"

Unwinding for the evening

It's Friday evening, I'm sitting in my room in the office, chilling whilst waiting for the rest to finish off what they have so that we all can go for... BEER & DINNER, yummy yummy chicken wings, kam heong la la at Jalan Alor, and then heading off to Atrium at 10pm for Little one's birthday do. Hic! What bliss!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The race towards Amazing Race Asia II

What a whirlwind weekend and week it has been... And it's only Tuesday.

We have approximately 48 hours to complete and send in the Amazing Race Asia II ( TARA II) video & applications off to Singapore. Okay, we - as in Han San ( ahem - Jeff as he is known to others ) and me.

And we are already, so tired from the planning, running around and filming for a 3 minute video. It is harder when the both of us are working and we have to accomodate our camera man's ( kudos to Matt ) time, whilst trying hard to catch whatever daylight that we have. And the headaches of changing scripts because of impromtu learnings about each other and nuggets of ideas that popped up
along the way .

Why so last minute - wan?!
Well, last Thursday, during our daily MSN chat, Yuez told me that the entry for Amazing Race Asia II closes on the 30th March 2007. She's joining TARA II with Nut, and so why donch I try too? ( She is also instigating me to climb Mt KK next year ).

It might be a spur of a moment thing, but the very situation i'm in right now, I need to feel alive again.

Opportunity comes to those who seeks it.
I met up with HS that Thursday night, his treat for my 28th birthday ( a week late, cos Mr. Superacheiver here was climbing KK the week before ).

During dinner he was rattling off his holiday plans, whilst i was comparing notes with him on where we could co-incide countries. It's really ironic, that our travel plans never co-incide. We were always at the similar places / countries but different months. Top of the list complains.. we are always broke. At the end of all the travelling - say good bye to branded bags, shoes, hi-tech gadgets, not to mention the home - pack-lunches-to-work to save money.

Half way through our yummy iron pot rice ( you gotta try it at Sugimotos! ), i asked :
"Eh.. let's do Amazing Race Asia lah! Win already, can travel FREE mah.."

So that's when the mad rush begin.
Calling Chris after dinner, bugging her about ideas on the video that we have to do, calling Shane to speak to Andre to ask "from a directors POV...", texting Long to pick his brains on what would excite the audience.

All that phone call.. All that chatting.. When the idea for the video has always been something that is obvious to both of us.

The idea was conceived after 4 glasses of wine at work and a night out at Somo. HS hijacked the video camera and kidnapped his friend Matt as videographer ( poor Matt, being bitten by mossies and enduring our bickering ). Bad planning ( my bad.. after all the years of sitting through Pre Production Meetings, i didn't plan this "shoot" efficiently ), HS was late and frantic search for location left us high and dry. Me and my impatience showing as we try to catch the remaining bits of daylight. Sigh of relief after i checked with Yuez & Nut's team that they too haven't quite finish their video.

oh, HS celebrates his 28 today.
He sure has a great birthday - spending the night editting the first part of the video.
Up at 6am, we were ambitious to finish our video. Did i say ambitious? That was it, because we only managed 75% of it. 25% more to go, 48 hours deadline. WOOOOHOOOO... i love it. Adrenalines rushing. Tension mounting.

HS told me today : "I had forgotten, but now I remember, how impatient you are". I realised that through this Video, it is a good test to see if you and your partner can heck each other's idiosyncrasies.

Even if we don't make it through to the auditions, we both have a substantial amount of self discovery and learning, priceless as this was like a shortcut to learning about one's strengths & weaknesses.

Ironic as it may seem, me the dreamy, emotional girl, laid back & often cruising through life, when push comes to shove for work or a project, i turn impatient, kan cheong & timeline obsessed person.
While he, super achiever, go getter and always on the move, when push comes to shove, approaches things calmly, a little laid back so he can think things through and very patient indeed with my antics.
What an oxymoron.

A little teaser...

Tell you guys more when we next meet! Good news to share i hope.
Very very excited about the video.

By the way.. Chris is in the BLOG HOUSE too.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Looking from the other side

Being in the Ad industry for the last 6 years, I've always been on the Account Management / Client side of things.

Last weekend's activities allowed me a glimpse ( a glimpse because I was just scratching the tip of the iceberg ) of the other side - the print & TV production.

Part of my "Investing in myself" resolution this year, I decided that everything NEW that comes my way, I should try it, for the experience of enriching my life.

Now i know how difficult it is being a Print talent
Lawrence & Jac ( owners of Beauty Gallerie ), my yumseng party kaki, invited me for a FREE makeover - photo shoot at their salon on Sunday. Since, I've always been the one sourcing through talent cards, commenting on the talent's make-up or with the creative team dictating the tone of the makeup, watching from the sidelines and sometimes shaking my head if the talents are too "kaku" during photo shoots, I decided to put myself on the other side, just to experience what it felt like.

So off i trod to Lawrence & Jac's place for my 2pm appointment. To be made up and to do the photo shoot. If you've watched the Dove commercial ( about real beauty ), i felt like the talen
t Inspired by the ad. I asked for - higher nose, double eyelids (hah!) and i was even offered, longer eye lashes, which i politely declined.

Before the photo shoot started, i told the photographer.. "Er, don't make me look FAT!" .

like that ok-ah?

Standing in front of the camera, was a challenge. You have to somehow imagine that there is a cable pulling your head up and you are gritting the iron bar of the trapeze with your mouth while smiling, so that you get a good posture.

that's the only time you don't catch me slouching

After a while, I figured that the photographer seems to have a formula in getting the angles he wanted. It starts with " arch your back, sway your hips to the side (right-left- back- front ), tilt your head ( right - left- back-front ), eyes looking at his finger.. and SMILE.. SMILE.. SMILE!"

my trademark lansi CB face when i don't smile

Steph & Willy-boy were my fans. The above pictures were taken by Steph whilst the real action was going on.
I'm waiting for my touched up pictures to come... There'll be 1 in this dress, 1 in a cowboy hat ( i love love love that shot ) and 1 more in a leather jacket - wriau!

Now that I'm on the other side - where the camera , make up and glamour is, I realised SMILING and POSING is really hard!

Thanks Lawrence & Jac for this FUN FUN FUN experience.
(For those who's interested, Beauty Gallerie is located in SS4 next to the famous chicken rice stall opposite the Catholic church. So pop in to pamper yourself silly for facials & beauty treatment)

Oh, how can i leave without my parting trademark JESSHYBABY shot..

Wrisu ...

Police & DBKL allowed to break the law

I wish I had a camera with me to snap the pictures.
I wish I was the enforcement officer who issues the summons.
I wish the government, who is so gung-ho about cleaning up the act of the govt services could see this.

I am pissed off and utterly disappointed with the POLICE and DBKL ( what else is new right?!). Nevertheless, if we, civilians employed under any company, wearing a uniform, driving the company's car and even carrying the name card know that we represent the company and ought to carry ourselves right, what more the law enforcers?

Shouldn't the "law enforcers" have an extra responsibility to abide by the law. Behave righteously. Always and at all times, given that they are empowered as enforcers?

9.50am, along LDP highway merging into Sunway Mentari - A policeman in a Police patrol car, talking on the phone. How disgusting is that?! Isn't this a traffic offense? If we were caught, it would be RM300 summon or "see you in court". I've thought about all possible excuses - duty, emergency etc.. Would we, if we were caught talking on the phone have the priviledge of these excuses?

10.15am, Menara Manulife, lobby drop off point - Mr. DBKL in DBKL jeep decides to hold traffic by trying to park "illegally" in the main lobby. What's even more interesting was Mr. DBKL has an assistant who stands by the road to wave us incoming cars to move out of the way, so DBKL jeep can squeeze into a non-existent carpark. No apologies from Mr. DBKL traffic assistant for holding up traffic, DBKL jeep was tinted therefore the face of the driver couldn't be seen. I would love to clamp the wheels of the DBKL truck!

Lesson learnt today :
1. As a police men you are allowed to talk on the phone whilst driving. Don't worry about being a hazard on the road.
2. You are allowed to park illegally if you are driving a DBKL jeep.

This is such a disgrace to the police force & DBKL officers who have conducted themselves well.
Especially, if i am not mistaken, this is the week where we remember the contributions of the Police force.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

麻坡的華語 Muar Chinese

Since i'm the topic of my daddy's home town - Muar Po,
A friend who is of the same "heritage" as me ( parents from Muar but a KLite ), send me this link - which i think is hilariously funny, but has captured the essence of Muar-Po.

For Nut & Yuez, who's done a makan makan trip down to Muar-po with me, you will see Tanjung & the monkeys, the teo-chew char kueh teow, Wetex ( the mall next to the hotel, where we went to collect D's wallet )

Yes lah, i admit, i quite ah-lian! This video is FUNNY! I like!
(erm it's in Muar Po mandarine... so Bananas, you probably won't find it funny- duh)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Stop overcompensating

A night out with friends last Saturday had us talking about the familiar topic of "Men - Women".

From the guys to us girls ( i won't mention their names, it will be a betrayal of themselves to the MAN-united - BROtherhood for revealing the flaws of MANkind), the popular phrase for the night was
"Stop overcompensating".

Stop overcompensating for things that isn't
your fault. When obviously they are the ones with the flaw.

Stop overcompensating because you fear you will lose that somebody. Because you lose yourself in the end. And that will be the perfect excuse to dump you.

Stop overcompensating when you are being treated badly. You should look at your relationship as a friendship.
How did you and your friends sustain your good-long-term friendship? It's because you have a standard of what you like and what not to like as friends. If the very basis of your relationship with a guy cannot pass this test, then you have the answer that he is not right. He is worse off then your friend.

Stop overcompensating and doing everything for him, waiting for him hand and foot. He has his hands and feet. If he is able to want to have sex, then he should be capable of doing things for himself! You are not his mother, so don't start acting like one!

Stop overcompensating and making excuses for him just because the guy is a coward, who needs to run away or disappears from the face of this earth because he can't face you to tell the truth.

Stop overcompensating and make excuses for the guys who isn't sure if they want to date you. He is not SHY, he just isn't interested. A guy will not ask themselves - "er.. do i or don't i want to date the girl? We don't think. We just do. Women are smarter. They think before they do. Guys just want to have sex. Then maybe they think".
The best line i heard for the night : "If the guy wants to get into your pants get him to do all the work! If not keep your pants on."

This had me thinking. The drive from The Attic to USJ, through the weekend and till today, where i finally could piece it all together after much rationalising.
As much as i hate to agree with those bunch of guys, i must say they are right.

So girlfriends, why are we, the independent women who is capable of earning our own money, buying our own apartments, owning Gucci - LV - Prada bags, driving beautiful cars, pampering ourselves with the most expensive spa treatments and skin care, running the best times in the marathons, managing departments & portfolios worth millions of ringgit, stoop ourselves so low.

When did we start overcompensating?

This is a HARSH reminder to myself that I am WORTH so much more.
If ever, i fall into this "Overcompensating" mode again ( which i find myself there most of the time), please, girls & GUYs, you are most welcome to hit me on my head so hard that the word OVERCOMPENSATING becomes obsolete in my dictionary.

( Dude.. you know who you are, thanks for IRRITATING THE HELL out of me Sat night, but it was indeed an insightful conversation. For now.. BUZZ OFF! haha )

3-Tier Golden Tortoise

Yesterday morning's weekly WIP announcement by the head of the company, brought many to think if there is any hope left in the leadership. Or rather, if there were any to begin with?

We were greeted with an opening speech from the head :

"We invited a Feng Shui master in last week because the company hasn't been doing so well, and there has been conflicts & politics which are no good. According to the Feng Shui master, to bring back balance & harmony, we will be moving some furnitures & adding some elements".

The morning was abuzz with the head walking around the office, proudly proclaiming the "feng shui" tips to a group of people - from admin, from the head's office, from finance. They were frantically jotting down notes so not to miss out what to buy, what to shift, which walls to break down, what elements to move, which person should be moved facing a certain direction.

Things heard through the open office :
- To those sitting in positions with their backs facing the head of the department, they will need to shift,so that
they now face him.
- The cabinets at the back of the dept will now have to be taken away to make way for 8 golden horses
- Things i heard that has to be added in some rooms : Bowl of water with pebbles which has to be changed every 3 days, the world map, walls to be painted blue, picture of a koi fish, cystine money tree, gold coins, door bells hung from each room, 8 artificial roses, elephants ... etc.

Then came my room.
The prescription for me the Goat.
"You have to move your table diagonally.
We will add a blue carpet, which you must sit on it and put your feet on it.
There on the right hand corner on top of the cabinet, we will place a 3-tier golden tortoise"

I'm not sure if this "career suicide", as i told my HEAD, "I can't put the golden tortoise". It is against my religion"
I was asked : "Why you christian-ah?"
I nodded, but was told : "Oh don't worry, we'll hide it in the ceiling so you won't see".

Through this, i question myself :
1. Is good & hard work no longer rewarded, if superstitions as such supercedes what people have been doing right so far? Or have we been wrong?
2. If this is the way, the HEAD feels would motivate the people, it has in fact DEMORALISE many and cast DOUBTS about the leadership. ( again, what leadership??)
3.So now, with Feng Shui in place, should it now be the basis of the KPI of the employees or the benchmark of success of the company? If something screws up, can we now attribute them to Feng Shui?
4.Would superstition breed biasness - an honest worker who so unfortunately is born under an animal sign which is BAD LUCK to the HEAD?

I can only sigh and tell myself - don't bother la.
Just pray hard everyday for patience to accept the things that i can't change.
( i've yet to google what the 3-Tier golden tortoise mean for me, and i don't intend to )

Friday, March 16, 2007

Bye Bye Lau Chew Ma (1911-2007) : Part II

I should have put this up a month ago. Procrastination is my middle name.

Here are some pictures, of Lau Chew Ma, which i thought is so beautiful, it'll be a waste to only hog it for myself.
Through these pictures, i realised that regardless of age, you can be INSPIRING.

Lau Chew Ma : Inspiring Lives
She came to Malaya at the age of 14.
Ms Tan Jooi Kuan ( i only knew her name, at her death ) because all this time, i only know her as cute old
"Lau Chew Ma"

This is my favourite picture of her
"Huo Tau Lau, Xue Tau Lau" (in mandarine). It means, "To learn, till the end of your life". At 96, she is able to memorise biblical verses , hymns and even Psalms, reciting them in Teo Chew.

Her favourite is Psalms 23, The Lord is my Shepherd.

"Huo Tau Lau, Xue Tau Lau"

The Lord, is truly her shepherd. Till her end days.
"Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil;for You are with me;

Picture taken by a youth who visits her often at the old folks home. As the pastor prays, she finds comfort in her Lord.

"Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.

Day out in Tanjung. Chilling by the beachfront, enjoying the breeze

"Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me, all the days of my life; and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever."

Her 4 generations of children.Taken outside the parish.I only know half of the family members here.

The Koh Family. ah Ma, is the eldest in the family. Joe has a pretty cool close up her sleeping in the coffin.

Her final resting place, in the Lutheran Church Plot, Bakri

Earth to Earth, Dust to Dust

Till we meet again, Lau Chew Ma.

Ah Kong's house is now KMart

Since i was a baby till 4 years ago, every year, we would head back to Muar-po, to Ah Kong's house.
127,Tanjung Agas, right in front of MRSM, before the old bridge to town.
What i loved most about the concept was that on this piece of land, his 2 other brothers also built their own houses.

Ah Kong's house was longish, from the porch to the kitchen leading to a massive backyard, housing chicken & duck coups, a dog house, coconut & rambutan trees and once in a while, a hiding place for Mr. Python & Mr. See Ka Chua. Our favourite games with our cousins were the 100m dash from the front of the house to the kitchen and back and hop scotch on the mozaic floor. The older folks, would sit around the dining table, my dad & uncles with their drumlike bellies protruding proudly, snacking and chatting, while the women of the family, busy, cooking up a storm.

As a kid, i would, in the evenings run through the gates which separates the houses, to visit my grand uncles and their families. And then run pass the last house which was my uncle's bengkel to the row of mini mart to buy ice cream (yum!).

4 years ago, the piece of land was sold, to a company. And with that money, each family bought newer homes across the bridge in different housing areas. As for us, we are now in Sg. Abong.

Our trip back this time we were told, that there's a new supermarket in town.
K-Mart Muar-po version, now stands on the ground where Ah Kong's house used to be.
It had a supermarket, a Karaoke & a foodcourt. And it's 3 stories high.

Out of curiousity, my family decided to drive to K-Mart.

Where Ah Kong's house used to be now stood the New Muar-po K-Mart

We estimated that this would be our portion of the house.
The laterite yellow road which used to house cars from 5 families is now a public parking lot.

Well at least, they kept the longkang intact. I used to play in there, and Ah Kong had to fished me out.

There is a tinge of sadness, when we left K-mart.
For progression, for a better standard of living. This can't be avoided.

127, Tanjung Agas
There once stood a home, which housed memories of at least 3 generations and 4 families (and the occasional 2 families who would be back )

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Self Worth

A friend & a mentor once told me :
" No matter how much you hate to work, work actually gives you, your self worth.
Through work, you build your self esteem. By working, you earn achievements.
If work does not exist, your life would be meaningless "

Unfortunately, what he said is true.

As i sit around at work, waiting for the next job opportunity, and it seems ages before anyone calls... i feel worthless.

As i sit around with no more passion in my current job, because of problematic clients, campaigns that do not seem to be going anywhere, and people getting more and more small minded, work comes to a standstill. I feel no pride in what i do, i feel no joy at being at work, i feel worthless.
With this, my mind wanders, i feel lifeless. I feel trap.
(Who ever said the idle mind is the devil's playground is right)

Patience is not my strength. But i know that the BIG man up there has BIG plans for me.
I just need to be still, and wait.

I hope i have work soon. Then, will i find my self worth. Then i won't feel so lifeless & trapped.

Me Doggie.. Woof!

Winston got tagged by Bessy..
Though he only smelled her presence on me
He's already hiau hiau for her!
(can't wait for Bessy to come stay for the long weekend when aunty yue li's away!)
Don't get him wrong, he's not a pedophile, just a very nice older-dog!

but now after being Ah-Bengnised... @ Kau Kau@FATTY BOY

Date of Birth:

15 March 2003 ( I'm a PISCES doggie )

Golden Beige Labrador

Favourite food:

Favourite Activity :

Play?.. Play,Play,Play,Play!
Walk walk
Play, Play, Play, Play!

Favourite Toys:

i wuv mah balls...all size and colours!

Favourite annoying yet cute habit:


Sleeps by:
the front door, unnerneath the car

Barks at:
Dirty looking stwangers,
Other Doggies... woof!

Likes being :
Hug real tight,
Tickled on his tummy,
Scratch behind his ears,
& Likes to play Nose Nose...

When meeting people, likes to:
WOOF.. (how do you do..)
WOOF.. ( play?)
Sniff Sniff...(hm... i like you ..)
Roll over.. (scratch me... puhlease..)

Often seen:

in the mode of orgasm-ing

Knows how to:
Sit, Hand Hand, Fetch, Jump, Heel

take ang-pow

Fancies having as a girlfriend:
Sunshine... ( Winston's got the HOTS for Sunshine.. woof woof )

sun-shine...wooohooo... come back sweetie!

Bessy...( when she grows up.. feewit!)
Mandy...(one day.. i'll go up to Ipoh to meet her)
Crystal...(going to meet her this weekend!)

Has travelled to:
Sri Hartamas ( my old home)
The Vet in Damansara Heights
Ben-Ben's house in Sri Hartamas
Uncle Boon's place in Mt Kiara
Aunty Yue Li's House to be babysat
Around Subang Jaya & USJ

Scared of:
Being abandon & left home alone.. :(
No more food in this world!

And now, Winston would like to tag:
1. Hugo ( a-go-go)

2.Shakespeare (tho he's in Texas with Aunty Diane )

Monday, March 12, 2007


I turn 28 today.
I am now "late-20s".

At clubs, i would be in the category of "aunty" dancing
My friends are all breeding and their brood have officially changed me from"cheh-cheh" into "aunty"
Everything falls apart...(Well, technically, everything falls apart after 25 ). The ass grows exponentially, the beer belly aint shrinking, the freckles breeds (ARGH), the skin dries up like a prune, the spots won't disappear..
The issues in life ( which i've been hiding from all this while) becomes REAL: Financial independance, Retirement funds, Health scares - all forms of women cancer, Tendency to be naggy, Fear of losing loved ones to death / illnesses, Mom wants to be grandma real bad (time to get another dog) etc

The favourite question for the day is : "how do you feel turning 28?"

28 feels good. It feels like it's going to be a GREAT year!

And like what good friend Diane rightly put it "Being 28 this year and still rockin & rollin’. Conquering each year…achieving more….and most importantly, being more true to ourselves. As we get older, we become more confident, self-assured and definitely say whats on our mind more."

So, amidst the growing pains, looking back ( and forward ), i am truly truly blessed.

At 28, i learn the true meaning of contentment.
Through my life's journey God has put in place beautiful masterpieces that surrounds my world. Each one, being a little piece of who i am today.

  • wonderful self sacrificing parents, for without them, i would not be the person i am today
  • a younger but acts older brother who's the sweetest dude, putting up with a bratty older sister
  • great friends, who has pulled me through my hardest times, celebrated normal mundane moments with me each day and unfortunately having to put up with my ahem,klutziness
  • fantastic girl friends who are really RAH-RAH FIRE POWER - each one though different, is a true inspiration.. rubbing off every part of their goodness & wisdom in me..i have truly learnt so much from
  • angels, people who have touched me unknowingly, during times of troubles or creating opportunities for me
  • people who have hurt me and tried to harm me... how can i forget these gems, for teaching me HARD LESSONS that I'll never forget and spurring me to be better than ever.
I can feel it in my fats & bones.. It's going to be a great year ahead!

( I also turn 6 years old in my workplace today. The young graduate, 6 years ago, too excited to get a job, too fearful that she couldn't get one decided to start work on her birthday!)

Friday, March 09, 2007

My Turn to ...Meme! Me!Me!

So i got TAGGED by Yuez.
(I had to sheepishly ask her what this Me!Me! Tag-ging business is all about)

Anyway, this is my 3rd attempt to post this, because the last 2 post just KABOOSH into thin air.
If this doesn't get on the post, that's it, i'm not doing it again.

Anyway, to be a good sport ( and to appear busy at work ), here goes :

Three things that scare me:
1.Losing my loved ones
2.Anything dead
3.Icky animals - CATS! LIZARDS! RATS!!!!

Three people who make me laugh:
I'm easily amused. It doesn't take much to make me laugh, so...
1. Me ( i do shit loads of stupid things.. first i look back and feel damn embaress about it, i blush a little, regret a little then cover it up by laughing )
2. Anyone silly
3. AnyDogs ( they are more people then some people out there)

Three things I love:
1. Food Food Food
2. Fun Fun Fun
3. Love itself

Three things I hate:
1. Cheaters!
2. Disasters ( big or small, anything bad happening to people i know and LIKE...)
3. Fear ( I hate being afraid )

Three things I don't understand:
1. Why do GOOD people have BAD endings?
2. How is it that HORRIBLE people, seem to have a BETTER life?
3. How can some BASTARDS, ABANDON their PARENTS to live a lonely life?

Three things on my desk:
3 Things?! I can't even find my desk!
1. My computer
2. Half drunk cup of DDBI Ah Soh Best Kopi Pak
3. My first birthday pressie for 2007 ( Vodka Shots Chocolate from JULIE!!!)

Three things I'm doing right now:
1. Pretending to be real busy at work
2. Sitting cross legged on my chair
3. Thinking about Aunty Nat's Nasi Goreng Petai Sambal which i'm going to order for dinner!

Three things I want to do before I die:
1. Get married & breed ( though i have frens who told me "why bring innocent kids to a disastrous world")
2. Own my own business ( at least i get the dough doing something i like, when i like )
3. Make peace with God.. ( i do want to go to heaven )

Three things I can do:
1. I've got a really long tongue ( you wanna see? )
2. Natural klutz & calamity Jess ( don jearous okay.. it's an inborn talent)
3. Natural ability to have free-flow of tears watching & heart warming scenes in movies or when someone pissed me off badly

Three things you should listen to:
1. Moms ( i hate to admit this, but sometimes they can be darn right! damn!)
2. Positive people
3. Your heart ( it'll land you in trouble.. and for people like me, DEEP SHIT or EMBARESSMENT , but who cares?)

Three things you should never listen to:
1. Bullshit
2. Negative - woe me people!
3. Fortune tellers

Three things I'd like to learn:
1. To always be happy
2. To dissapear from the face of this earth when i want to
3. Accept the things that i cannot change

Three favorite foods:
1. Anything that's totally artery clogging
2. Everything spicy & sour
3. True blue Malaysian foodie

Three beverages I drink regularly:
1. Water
2. Coffee ( Muar -poh 434 & DDBI Ah Soh's Kopi Pak is ze best )
3. Coke Light

Three TV shows/Books I watched/read as a kid:
1. Thunder, thunder, thundercast HOOOOOOOO!!!! , Jem ( yes i love em JEM too ), Smurfs
2. Enid Blyton, Hans Anderson Fairy Tales, Sweet Valley High ( heeeee....)

Now that i've successfully wasted some time, it's time to get other people to waste their time doing this too..
At the wave of my magic fingers, I hereby tag..

1. Butterfly
2. Gin
3. Audrey
4. Max
( i know i know it's more than 3..but for all the missed blogs that i did, i should be entitled to tag as many people as possible )