Saturday, August 04, 2007

Another fruit exported to London

Allybelly will be seconded to London in Sept. Sigh. Another one of my girlies going away.

I met Ally in uni and we've been girlies ever since. We attribute our strong friendship to me being a Pisces and her being Cancerian. And we are the only girls in the group who wants to get married and breed!! ( Leanne - don't tsk tsk ).

Through "kap chai-ing" in uni, being housemates in melbourne, beef lovers, i think she and me share about the same amount of EMO-ness, silliness and being tai tau har! So that's why she understands my life's drama.

I'm going to miss allybelly. Who's going to feel sympathetic and "aw" me when i manage to pull some stupid stunts? So mission number 1 is to get allybelly hooked up on msn, learn how to use *ahem* techonology - webcam for starters.. so we can telecon chat with the rest of the girlies.

hello leanney, diana & HT..from the dim sum sums in KL

The only thing that i'm really excited about is the Free accomodation in London and if i do get myself there, Ally's planned out a 2 hour train ride to Paris for coffee. Now, i'm going to pray hard that i'll make it to London, just for the coffee weekend.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Fruit is Simpsonised

NUT introduced me to a cool machine : A ride into Springfield

So off I went with mr. Winston into the Simpsons machine.
And.. TADA....Simpsonised mr. Winston & me

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Fruit searches for the real Heart-kun story

Meet Heart-kun. born May 18

The world must be in dire need of love. This chihuahua pup bears the mark of a love starved world. A love starved world for more luck, more money.

TOKYO (Reuters Life!) - A chihuahua puppy has become Japan's latest heart-throb after he was born with a heart-shaped mark on his coat.
The dog, named "Heart-kun", was born on May 18 at a pet store in northern Odate.
Shop owner Emiko Sakurada, who bred over 1,000 puppies, believes his unusual markings have brought her luck.
"Since Heart-kun was born, not only I, but also many people who see him are getting luckier," Sakurada said. The dog became a celebrity after a local television station aired pictures of him. Since then, Sakurada has been flooded with calls from people wanting to buy him, which she has turned down.
"It may sound strange but since I saw him, my luck has been picking up. I won the lottery and won a concert ticket. That must have been thanks to the power of Heart-kun," said Sakurada's sister, Maki Matsuyama. Japan is a dog-loving nation. Earlier this year, an old dogs' home and a gym dedicated to exercising canines opened for business.
i'm a true romantic at heart.

It's so sad that man can make everything into a "luck - money making" opportunity.
I've not read about this "heart" reminding us about love for humanity, for the poor, the oppressed, the children... etc?

I'm no Mother Theresa ( i think she exemplified the greatest leadership traits in the world with her big big heart ), and i'm not lovely most of the time but i like to think that "heart-kun" was born to remind us of a bigger Love story. A reminder for us to have a humane heart - then, we won't greed or seek for that lucky - money charm.