Wednesday, January 17, 2007

To love like Midnight

We fell in love with you, the moment we laid eyes on you,
Never mind, you were not what we set out to look for,
With your gentle nature and trusting self,
You walked into my arms

It seems like forever that you were allowed to come home with us,
4 weeks we waited, for you to be strong and well ( they even spayed you!)
I remember holding you close to me, as we travel home from SPCA
That long journey, you stayed by my side, snuggling close to me

We watch you grow day by day,
We clapped with joy when you thrilled others at doggie school
We felt our hearts stop when you were bitten on the ear
(the stitches did not stop your silly antics)
We watched with pride when you sit-sit, hand-hand, down-down
We keeled over with laughter when you run in fright
We loved it so, when you brought joy to others
We gush when you had your first date with Sunshine

We, and not you, are the lucky ones
Who have felt and learnt what unconditional love means

Our gentle giant,
Always allowing others to have your share
Always protecting, those who are smaller
Always loving, even when it’s unrequited
Always waiting, no matter how late we get home
Always growling hello, but runs away when others are near
Always manja for that little belly scratch
Always so contented, even if it’s just a pat on the head

Now that you are a big boy, you’ve decided to go away
Were you in pain? You did not say
Were you calling out for us? We couldn’t hear you
Were you saying good bye in your own way? You should have told us
Were you looking up to heaven? And saw God’s outstretch arms?

You walked us through our loneliness,
You took away tears of sadness
You filled our hearts with laughter
You brought us love we never knew
You melted the hardest hearts
You listened to our endless grumbles

The porch is now empty, you no longer greet me after a long day
The grass is comfy, but you no longer laze to accompany daddy
The grill gate no longer clanks, mommy misses your smileys in the morning
The balls no longer squeak, joran watches wistfully to play

To love like Midnight
Though you lie, outside the house
Your spirit stays with us all, at home
– Daddy, Mommy, Jo & me

Midnight smiles from heaven to Sunshine, his woof woof gang & his beloved human friends :