Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Singapore Sling

Only across the causeway, yet the trip down Singapore was quite a culture shock for me. I reckon the trip down Singapore this time, gave me a good insight and prepared me for the eventual move down ( when i do find a job ).
Everything is so clinical. So clean. So structured. So strict. So judicial. I'm even afraid to cross the street or hail a cab in the middle of the street, in case i get fined. Getting a cab during rush hours is nightmarish, so be sure to have at least 5 cab companies' numbers in your mobile phone. And if you ever want to catch a cab at 11.45pm, tough luck, cabs only appear at 12am, because that's when the double surcharge kicks in.

There is also a SMOKING ZONE law passed now, which made it very hard for smokers to light up. Smokers are confined to their little yellow line / zone. Sitting outdoors at cafes and restaurants, should you want to light up, you'll have to walk away from the table, and stand in your corner to smoke. In 3 months time, smoking will be be prohibitted in clubs. Personally, I think it's a very good law! However, I don't think, it'll ever be successfully implemented in law abiding Malaysia!

Singapore has changed so much ( i last visited s'pore in March 06). It's even more cosmopolitan now. Oh, there's also an "eye" of Singapore being constructed. The new buildings and architectural structured being constructed now are magnificent. Such a vast difference from that of KL. It made Singapore look almost futuristic.

That said, I've also been on the "dark" side of Singapore.. When Evie unknowingly booked us into Hotel 81. Quoting Murphy : "Goong Hei lei! Lei Singapore zi Kai Tau!". Well, although Hotel 81 on Bencoolen street is a "better" budget hotel, it still was a "Kai Tao" / "Akua" joint. Walking into the Hotel at 3am in the morning every night didn't help. Oh, and Alvin found a used condom in the lobby toilet ( ha ha ha ). I guess it's a first for us, to be staying in a "Kai Tao".

Another thing which i learnt, don't be fooled that Singapore is only KL big, you can get extremely lost in it. I was rushing down for an appointment - a chat for a job in Singapore, and had to get myself to Orchard. From Tuas, we so heroically drove ourselves to Woodlands checkpoint trying to look for Cairnhill circle ( thanks diana!). Few calls to Adrian later, got us back on track. I made it in time for the chat, but had to push the appointment and hour back. Which means, I was late for hi-tea with Aunty Yvonne & family. That's when the "can i hail a cab in the middle of the road dilemma" happened. I decided to take the MRT instead. Not realising that at City Hall, there were 2 entrances. And i had to pick the wrong one on the first attempt to get to Royal Scotts hotel. Another getting lost incident happened on Sunday, when Evie and me decided to follow a "tourist map" and went in circles around Singapore trying to get into Orchard, Shaw Parade not realising that, Orchard is a one-way street. Therefore you'll need to go through an alternative road ( Nut, i don't know how you did it, driving around!).

Now for the fun bits! Highlights of the trip!

Day 01 : Meeting up with Aunty Yvonne, Unc Eng Loo, Ryan & Celia...I was so late for the hi-tea. I was there 5.10pm and hi-tea ends at 5.30pm. So you can imagine the gobble gobble gobble. This is Celia's 20th year with the family, and she'll be leaving for Philippines for good!

Day 1: 7pm, Me and me first dwink - Kilkenny at Penny Black, Boat Quay.. ahh...

Day 1: 8.30pm ,Dinner at Bobby's, Chijmes.. It's a lovely place.. but i still don't quite agree on the concept of changing a church area into dining / pubs. They have lovely ribs & steak! yum yum..this is where i discovered, the "SMOKING ZONE". Those who wanted to smoke had to step to the next table ( hi bar) which is just next to us!

Day 01: 10.30pm, Timbre - Couldn't take much of that place. Basically a place to cultivate young budding Singaporean musicians. It's open air, set with wooden chairs and tables. The place is like Laundry, The Curve. I was told they do fantastic Bon Jovi covers. I guess that night the band that was playing was too young to know who Bon Jovi was. I feel SO OLD!!

Day 02 : 12pm,Met up with Bee & baby Ethan for Singapore Hei Mee. I must say, for Singapore food, this hei mee is quite tasty! Baby Ethan's pouty, cos he just had his jab!

Day 02: 4.30pm, Hui Tsin, Diana, me & Evie ( not in picture) catching the Phantom of the Opera at the Esplanade.

Day 02: 6.00pm, Funny sign at Sentosa's Carpark : Telling visitors that their cars may be "violated" by Peacocks during mating season. Especially if your car is shiny and polished, as male peacocks may mistaken their reflection as a mate and attack the car.

Day 02: 6.30pm, Chilling out at Cafe Del Mar, Siloso Beach, Sentosa! Had a few rounds of cocktails by the jugs, nice breezy evening, great company... Bliss!

Day 02: 9.30pm, Dinner at Brewerks, Clark Quay.. The selection of BEERS are gorgeously rich. Fruit Beer! haha my way of saying - is this healthy or is this healthy!? We ate so much, it's sinful.. cos there's so much leftovers. The portions are so huge, the ribs are succulent, the creamy mussels melts in my mouth...and BEER BEER BEER!!

Day 02: 11.30pm Clark Quay has changed so much! I really liked the concept of this bar - Clinic. Very conceptual.Follows through the name and theme, tone & manner. You can even drink from the "Blood Bag". Unfortunately i didn't have time to pop by. Next round, i'll check it out.

Day 02: 11.45pm, Next stop, MOS, Studio 54! I lurve the music here. It's better than MAMBO. It's RETRO and 80s. So kids that are 25 and below are totally lost in here ( yeah.. jo is ). Why don't they play these kinda music in KL? I'll be dancing my night away! Check out these cool bobble seats. It feels so GROOOVVVVY.

Day 03 :1.30pm , Last day in Singapore... Dim Sum Lunch at East Ocean Teo Chew Restaurant, Shaw Parade. Quite the yum yums. The slack thing is that you feel so hurried to eat. Everything is very luin sui, because there were too many people around, and even with reservations, you would need to queue. Met up with Yoke Kheng, and finally, after a LOOOONG time, Murphy.

Day 03: 3.30pm, We had to wait for Tze to come in from Batam, because he "injured" his knee in some wild night out, and he was following us home to KL. So we decided to head towards Demsey Road to PS Cafe. I wonder why KL doesn't have gorgeous places like this. You could turn few bungalows in Bukit Tunku into a warm cosy house with high glass windows. I was tempted with the Double Chocolate Cake and ice cream... orgasmic!

So now I'm back from my weekend sling, 1kg heavier ( amidst all that walking! how did that happen?) , RM1000 broke, a visit to the doc & heavily medicated. I've also learnt that the next time i head down to Singapore, i'm bringing my flaties. Running & boogie-ing around the island on heels is too detrimental to my poor knees!

My Singapore Sling Pictures

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Minnie & a new Disneyland

A young girl, fresh out of university, knocked on the doors of 119, DDB International, 1 year and 11 months ago. She was timid as a mouse. With a Laptop on hand and a brand new Picanto to drive, she survived the gruelling interviews set by Long, Ian & Cass.

Today, this young little girl ( note i've dropped "timid") has grown out of the shadows of giants above her, and soon she will be moving on to her new Disneyland in FJ.

Angie, is the underdog. With quiet determination to succeed,again and again, she has proven herself worthy in standing on her own two feet. Her timidness, seen by others as a weakness works to her disadvantage, as she tries harder and does better than those louder and stronger.

Angie will be leaving us on Friday. I won't be able to see her off before she begins her next journey.
So here goes..Good luck young Minnie! We will miss your sweet smile and voice. And boy it sure will be weird, to see the "SHE" missing one band member.

The infamous SHE stunt

I'm sure your mama-san will also feel a little lost without you ( don't cry Cass!). And i'm sure papa-Al too!

The family photo - al's taste of fatherhood!

But it is never good byes.
More like.. "see you around". And don't forget us, when there's a good sale coming up...!

I Got Tagged.. Again! Another Me! Me!

I always get tagged by Yuez.. *SULK* hehe..
Oh well, all in the name of good fun... here's my 9 parts
( wish it included bigger boobs!)

Part 1: on the outside
name : Jessica Koh Pei Tzer
( My chinese name means - admirer or poetry ( art ). "Pei" is a generational middle name. All my "Koh" cousins' names starts with it too)

date of birth : 12 March 1979 (freakkin' twenny aight!)
current status : Waiting for the right man to drop from the sky...
(in the mean time, i'm busy digging for things to do to enrich me singlehood)

eye color : Dark brown
hair color : Black but have recently mutated to blondish streaks
right of left handed : Right
zodiac : Dreamy Pisces

Part 2: on the inside
my heritage : Teo Chew ah nya (1/2) + Hokkien ah moi (1/2), hometown subang jaya, but always mistaken for Muar Poh- girl, cos my daddy comes from there, and we always go back to Muar.
my fear : CATS!!!, All things dead or smashed up, Dirty toilets, Losing the people i love, stricken by cancer, being disabled physically, dying a slow death ( wah, that's a lot of fear )
my weakness : Fun... just tell me, anything that says.. "It's fun..." And i go all weak!
my perfect pizza : Lots and lots of salami, peperoni, capsicum and anything meaty (except pork) yum!

Part 3: yesterday, today & tomorrow
your first thought waking up : i hope i recover from this wretched flu - cough-itchy-scrtchy-throat in time to have FUN in Singapore
tomorrow : It's too far to think about tomorrow...
your bedtime : Please... let me sleep well. I've been an insomniac for the last couple of months. It's either i need to see a psychiatrist soon, or go on heavy doses of sleeping pills.
most missed memory : i have lots to miss - Aunty Alice & my grand pa, Midnight (sniff-sniff), times in Melbourne, people that's far away.. hanging out with Su Fei, Amy, Audrey, things that i wished i could have done better, relationships i wish i could turn back time to right the wrongs...( johnny hates jazz's - turn back the time is my timeless favourite)

Part 4: your pick
pepsi or coke : Coke Light!
mcD or burger king : BURGER KING!Double whopper... YUMS!!! (but MCDs for the fries, nuggets & Oreos McFlurry)
single or group dates : are you kidding me? are we in high school?
adidas or nike : Nike... i lurve em funky clothes though it cost a bomb to get em. I like the attitude better.. JUST DO IT! don ah chi ah cho...
lipton tea or nestea : Doesn't all ice tea taste the same? I'm more a coffee drinker.
chocolate or vanila : Chocolate
cappuccino or coffee : Both

Part 5: do you..
smoke : can i not answer this??
curse : what's that? :P

Part 6: in the past month
drank alcohol : HIC HIC HIC HIC HIC
gone to the mail? : Does going to my client's office, that's opposite pos laju count?
been on stage : if my life is a joke.. does it constitute as being on stage?
eaten sushi : absolutely favouritest...and sashimi!

Part 7: what were you doing
1 minute ago : Blowing my nose ( stupid cold ) & coughing my throat out
1 hour ago : Trying to go to sleep. It's Friggin 4:12am now!
4 1/2 hours ago : Watching a Tony Leung & Sammi Cheng romantic comedy...( yes.. i'm AH LIAN!) I lurve it when they go "Be-Be" & "Chu-Chu"!!Eeee... so "Lum...."
1 month ago :I can't remember...
1 year ago : Back from my Bangkok, Sonkran Holidays.. Sick & miserable being back at work. Missed my Tom Yum, shopping and fun!

Part 8: finish the sentence
i love : To be loved
i feel : Lost and confused at the moment... Wonder if i need a shrink?!
i hate : Feeling depressed, sad, angry and "pained" from too much hurt & betrayal( yes, i'm very emo!)
i hide : My true self, until i really know the person i'm dealing with
i miss : Childhood, where everything seems so simple and uncomplicated then
i need : Sleeping pills to sleep?!, Money.. lots and lots of it, To clear my head and wipe out every emotions that's in turmoil inside me right now

Part 9: tag five people
1. Chris
2. Audrey
3. Butterfly
4. Max
5. Gin

I say, i've been tagging the same 5 people, but they've been ignoring my TAGS.. *SULK*

Monday, April 16, 2007

Dancing in Singapore - 20 - 22April 2007

After what seems like eternity - the long wait to watch Phantom in Singapore ( Diana booked the tickets in Jan ), finally i'm heading down south this Friday, 20th April 2007.

The last time i stepped into the Republic was last year. A trip down Singapore is always for me to run-away, when there's a crisis. Then it was my 27th birthday. hah! This year,surprisingly,there's nothing to run-away from.

The group heading down this time : Evie, Terny, Jessey, Jo, Alvin and Hui Tsin.
I'll be taking a day off on Friday, and heading down with Evie & Terny in the morning. Whilst the rest will try. ( they said they will ) to knock off from work at 6pm.

I'm trying to sort some personal stuff out in the afternoon. Try to meet up with Aunty Yvonne, to finalise some communication materials for her company and try to meet up with some headhunters.

Slow & easy Friday
9-ish : Timber ( Life band - i been hearing they play excellent Bon Jovi cover! so i must pop in) Option after Timber : MOS (studio 54) or Velvet.
This depends on car 2. If the rest are too tired, we might not club.

Music packed Saturday
2pm : Phantom ( YEAY!)
6pm : Cafe Del Mar ( i heard that sunset's the best time to be there ). After that it'll be St James Power station at night.

German beer and sausages galore Sunday
Brunch at a German place. I think it's a Pauliner place. It's sausages galore and Pauliners before we head home. YUMMY!!

I can't wait to catch up with the Diana, Karen & Adrian C ( Terny's bitchy twin! ) and Erika.
I'm a little ambitious, as i'm also planning to meet up with Pei Fern & TJ, Bee, Jen & baby Ethan.

3 days (technically 2 days minus the travelling ) and 2 hard night of partying.. and the possibility of Hotel 81turning up to be a sleazy hotel (that means hearing "ooh-aaah - ta li yi tien" in the middle of the night!).

Most important agenda of my week, is to recover from this wretched cough, sore - husky-scratchy throat and runny nose!

It feels like it's going to be a good trip away. Oh dear, April's an overdosed of partying!
I'm not complaining.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Friday the 13th - Witches prowling

Friday the 13th left me emotionally drained. Leading to physical exhaustion ( wah so DRAMA right!!). It's true, for a Sanguine, because their emotions are erratic rollercoasters, any spike upwards in their emotions, wreck havoc to the body. Causing extreme tireness! hah!

I didn't intentionally think about FRIDAY the 13th, until late in the evening after all the hoo-haa, as i was talking to Gin about "EVIL", did she cheekily reminded me that witches run loose on Friday the 13th.. ahhhwwooooooo...!

1st emotional drain : The morning started off with a tiff or rather a very tense confrontation with a colleague. On the way projects are being run.

2nd emotional drain ( and extreme headache ): With the head of the company. Who marched into my room, and requested for me to step out because some "Neutralising" had to be done to my work station. This meant burning some "fu" under my table. All this came about because someone had moved my table before the "appointed" feng sui time. And now some neutralising action had to be done. This, is not for me, it's for the good of the company, i was told. Tired from fighting and knowing that my "NO, i can't.. it's against my religion" would fall on deaf ears, i stepped out. Later, i was told smugly.. "Ok.. IT IS DONE".

I returned to the room, all miserable, angry and a little teary ( yea, quite cry baby...especially when i'm angry and i have to suppress it ), only to be greeted by a blanket of smoke. Guess you can imagine the nasty smell. The account management department was silent. My face was as black as the black attire i was wearing.

Later that evening, ms. HEAD came back cheerily asking me, "So, everything ok?". Blind to the fact that the "Neutralising action" made me so miserable that I wanted to quit. It's a Religious Harassment. What if, I am a Muslim? Will this happen to me? Does religion mean nothing? Perhaps, this is a way of showing "care" for the employees?

So much for "Neutralising".

Well, I've decided not to be defeated by it all. I said a prayer, and had the comfort of wonderful friends - saw gin, chris, yuez, wei na, wan hoon who prayed with me and encouraged me to make light of this "neutralising" situation.

I couple of checks with lawyers and advise for HR managers, note this - The employer has the right to do all these rites, because it is their premise. What they can't do, is to make you perform it. There is no employment ( labour laws ) to protect us on this matter.

Friday the 13th 2007. The witches prowled. I bumped smack into them. Did you?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Syabas Jabatan MYKAD & JPJ!

And i really mean it.

1 hour for application for a lost MYKAD
(And a very nice photo makcik who complimented that i look better now compared to my old MYKAD photo! haha)

10 minutes for a new driving license.
(you have to go through this flirty counter pak cik, who questions you on why you lost your license, how you lost it and the mandatory questions of "gambar ada? MYKAD temporary ada?")

I had braced myself for long queues, hot stuffy departments and getting angry because everything's so slow. But what a pleasant experience i had. WOW! I am impressed.

Come to think about it... My HSBC credit card is not even here yet! It's the first card that i called to cancel, and it's been a week now.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Week of Fun and newfound Friendship

Last week was really an overdose of partying. The last time i partied this hard was September last year.

I must finally admit, being 28, age is REALLY catching up! Nevertheless, all for the cause of good fun and meeting good friends, "die-die" also must play "kow-kow".

I had 2 doses of Mambo nights! Wed & Saturday.
Always my favourite night out. This craze started started in Melbourne, and I never got rid of it. I've always suspected that perhaps i'm born in the wrong era, perferring retro music to that of the current POP where everything sounds pretty much the same. Plus, recently I met Adrian L who is equally as crazy about MAMBO-ing!

Unfortunately, I never learn, that MAMBO's on Wednesdays will definitely make you a zombie at work the next day. A long night out of dancing, jugs of long-islands, a run-in with the cops and a new friend who's accessory for the ride home is the puke bag = walking around in a daze + quesy stomach +staring at clients blankly while you try to make out what they are mouthing. But it was definitely and eventful night out!

2nd MAMBO night was on Saturday. A little special do in Zouks for the F1 which unfortunately stopped playing Retro at about 12-ish. How sad!
The aunty-ness sunk in, as i surveyed Zouks with my bunch of friends and realised that
i. We ain't recognising the music here...
ii. These kids looked like they just snuck out from their houses to party
iii. When we walked into Velvet, we suddenly felt at home...There were more oldies like us around.. haha! I feel right at home. Wow, i must say, there were tons of "eye candies" in Velvet that night.

My definition of a good time is meeting, catching up or getting to know someone better ( yes, even without alcohol). Better still, if we're out there dancing the night away.

I finally met Karen & Adrian C. The Singaporean group which Leanne & Diana hangs out with. Their names popped up frequently in our conversations but I've never really gotten to meet them until now! We were so comfortable hanging out, it was as if I've known them for years. So birds of the same feathers do flock together!

Another PISCES! Karen's also a Pisces. So that makes, 3 PISCES in the group - Karen, Diana & me. YAY! I'm excited ( not sure if she is) because that means there's another dreamy, loony like me out there. Tho she appears more matter of fact than I am. Definitely very girl power! And I had to embaress myself at the first "hullo". Me, head filled with jugs of beer, eyes irritated from the smoke decides to put on my glasses.
Me trying to poke my eyes out whilst removing my lenses and then panic strikes. "Shit. Where's it?", a frantic search for a missing lens cover, when Karen pointed out - "it's on your lap dear..". Aiyoh, quite the malus.

Last night out in Skybar.. Sunday night (Karen's in black)

I'm truly amazed that there is another "BITCH" so same-same as Terny! It's great! Adrian Chan is the Singapore version of mah BITCH cum Bridesmaid, Terny. Right up to the shaka shaka bum bum dancing. Their mannerism and how they're so "chi mui" with us, is amazingly clone like. I can't wait to get them drunk on our next partying trip down Singapore ( which is about 9 days from now.. YIPPEE!).

Diana and our bitch..

er, somebody left this behind?

Catching up...
Another group which I managed to catch up with was Russ & Chris. The beer guzzling boys from the states, night out kaki in KL 2years ago, Bangkok last year and back again to KL this year. One night out with them in Rum Jungle on Friday.. I'm filled up for at least with half a year's worth of beer. BURP! ( I salute you Erika for the marathon race with them.. really, i can see you're also committed to your cause! )

Dawn & Nige. It's a been a long while since I partied with Dawn. Our busy schedules and new found friends kept us busy. Aside from our MSN chats, bumping into each other in Vintry and bitching over SMS-es, i missed partying with my drinking buddy. So it was nice, just chilling out with her that night, feasting our eyes on eye-candies.

Dawn & me chillin'.. Wriau

KV & wifey Penny. Never had a chance to talk to Penny before. Last Sunday, was the first time that we caught up. I found another F1 fan. And she recognises drivers by their helmets! Wow!

me trying to sober up.. with Penny, my new found F1 kaki

Getting to know better...
My mambo kaki. Ok, I promise no more long islands...for now.

28 and Illegal
Hungry stomachs led us from Zouk to Aivan's "it's just at the corner" mamak which turns out to be a painful-high- heels 20 minutes walk to the mamak in front of Thai club. And everything was close! I had to beg the nice mamak aunty to use up her remaining maggi mee and what ever that is left for 8 plates of maggi soup and goreng.

Then this is where it happened. I dropped my card-holder-cum-wallet for the night. In it, my MYKAD, driving license and my credit card. By the time i realised that I've lost my "Identity cards", we were already in Shane's car half way home.

Well, if you know me well enough, it's amazing that i've only lost my MYKAD and driving license at this age. The only cheering me up thought that i could think of is, hey, I'll have a good picture of me, in my new driving license!
In one week, i had 2 run-in with the cops. Both after MAMBO nights. I had to make a police report for my loss. Mr cop looked at my report and asked - "pukul 4 pagi? you buat apa?". I don't think he bought into the idea of me studying since the card was lost infront of Thai club!

(I have so far managed to do my MYKAD, which is surprisingly fast! 1 hour for the process. 1 hour of me getting lost in Kota Damansara!)

I'm sounding like an "akua" now. Thanks to the sore throat that's developing and the screwed up sleep time that i have. 3 - 6ams have been my going to bed time. I'm also suspecting that my imsonia for the last couple of nights are withdrawal symptoms coupled with too much coffee.

But i must say, it's worth it. Though i'm paying for now.At 4.30am in the morning, i'm awake, blogging, because sleep just won't come.

So this week i've really caught up on what i've not done for the past 6 months.

From Mambo on Wed night, Fri at Rum Jungle,Atrium and yummy Teo Chew Porridge,
to more food fest on Sat at Tmn Tun Lou Shi Fun , Chinese Rice Wine Chicken, Yong tau foo then coffee in 1U and partying in Zouk/ Velvet (
Did my best to crawl out of bed for Easter Service, a mad dash to BKT in Ah Sang, F1 in Chillis BSC and then ending it sky high in Sky Bar.

I can't wait to repeat this feat in my Singapore trip, 20 - 22nd April.
(Though the day after i return to a 24 hour TVC shoot!)