Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bye Bye Lau Chew Ma (1911-2007)

Lau- Chew- Ma went home to be with the Lord - midnight of Valentines day.
She is 96.

Though our meetings are brief ( I only see her CNY, birthdays, weddings in Muar ), and with the little Teo- Chew i can speak, she is quite a character of her own. At 96, her mind is sharp, so don't you dare try to bluff her, because she remembers. The many great grand children that she has, it's amazing she can recall the names and which kid belongs to whom. "Puay Si, Siam Koong kai!" ( Puay Si, Siam Koon's kid ), that's me!

Here's a memorable image of her before our granddad's birthday dinner a year ago, getting her hair done at the old folks home. So it's true. Women of all ages want to look pretty.

I guess this is the best gift that God can bestow her.
A chinese new year reunion of 5 generations to send her home.

More on Lau Chew Ma :
Joe's jottings (my cousin blogged about her too!)

And more pictures of her funeral to be posted.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Hak Chew Luk Yuk

The dating game is mind boggling ( well at least to me, it's a hell of a roller coaster ride ).

Was it much simpler back then during our parent's time?
You meet the person and then you get married.

Today, you meet someone, and a game begins.
The books & your male chi mui friends tell you - Man are hunters. They are suppose to hunt. And, so what does that make us? The little deer that's suppose to be running around happily waiting to be shot? Goody! If we don't end up as a meal on a nasty hunter's plate.
Does that mean the theory of - happiness is in your own hands, no longer works in this matter for the ladies?And all we do is WAIT?

No No. Says the book.
"You should go out and have fun, and enjoy life. Don't wait around for him to call. Have fun. Or at least pretend to".
Ok. I get the have fun , enjoy life bit. But "at least pretend to"? So if i wait around, does that make me a doormat?

Now that the hunter has hunted the deer ( or so they thought ), there's rounds of endless games and running around the jungle - mind games, emotional games, physical games...Both deer and hunter trying to outwit and outdo each other. If they're lucky, they live happily ever after ( do they really? ).

Most of the time, after the hunt when the deer is dead or the hunter decides to hang himself , there is the stone cold silence.

I try to reason, and understand how 2 people could have shared , known, cared & liked each other so much( down right to the number of moles ) could turn cold and against one another. The endless turmoil of emotions - forgive or not? forget or not? talk or not? angry or not?

So if this is the rules of the game. What are the rules? I mean what's the winning rule?
Do we or do we not comply with it?

Or should we play the game based on our gut feel.
I hope my gut feel doesn't land me in as a "black pepper deer" dish on someone's plate.

Winston & Shine - First Date

First dates are exciting... because you get to suss the other party and enjoy the thrill in uncovering the exciting bits about them. Not sure how it works in the doggie world. I think Nut & I are the ones excited about Winston & Shine's first date.

Yes - la, my maternal instinct is kicking in. So, if i'm not ready, maybe i can live my life through my boy? ( quite sick hor?!)
Winston's a real shy dude, so he masked it with his "I'm so cool" attitude. Unlike Midnight, Winston is "dog-shy". Sunshine is true to herself, ever warm & bubbly. She's a true girl power, terrorising Winston and stealing his thunder.

Overall, i think it was a good date. They seem to like each other ( though there were some rough play and WRAFF GROWL..!! from Shine, when Winston tried to hump her.. )

My feel is that there'll be a 2nd date soon ( I hope ). This time around, I hope Winston's gets a little more excited, and Shine a little more horny!
Now that Winston has his date, I wonder if there is any nice men out there with female labs, so that Winston and I can go on a double date .. haha

Friday, February 09, 2007

We are now MIX FM's target?

Serena C, Ika & Pedro now replaces Shaz & Richard over the morning time belt.

So reality sets in that we are now the "" target.

I still remember the time when i was slogging away for SPM, SAM up to University - the flavour then was HITZ. fm with Flyguy & Lil Kev babbling over the radiowaves.

The images that i used to conjure in my mind of target are that of aunties or si-lais at home stuck with a bunch of running kids or boring fuddy duddies stuck in cold cubicles, secretly calling the radio station to entertain themselves.

Don't get me wrong, i do listen to, it's just to show the "MAMBO JUMBO" side of me.

Now that they have put in place the Serena, Ika & Pedro, who what we advertising people say "who your target audience identify with", gulp, we are finally turning into fuddy duddies!!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Leanney's found her wings

It's been 2 weeks since Leanne spread her wings to NY.

I must say, she is the bravest amongst the 7 of us.

Our long girly chats of finding our world, finally one of us, decided to take a stab at the world.

We're missing the spunky spiffy Leanne Chin Su Yin.

However, she's promised us to :

- Export quality men of any nationalities back to Malaysia ( with me as the QC!)

- Be our "shopper" when we find something we like in the States ( yahoo.. me endless supplies of victoria secrets body splash)

- "You go girl" news from the other side of the world

We are 7,
now 6... but the journeys of our lives continue..

(Miss Chin, we'll be rooting for you... here's a toast to your ahem export business!)

winsome winston

After 2 heartbreaking weeks without Midnight,
and for those of you who's followed my daily episodes of "mom wants to adopt the whole PAWs, SPCA, rottie etc.."
the family decided, that it was time we get together to start hunting for a new pooch

Saturday 27 Jan, led us to the hunt, first to the Dog Farm in Klang, to the pet shops in USJ ( to buy a cage.. well mom almost took home a golden retriever too).. to a chanced phone call from Boon to Jo Boy that there's a "golden retriever" up for adoption.

So off we went, looking for the goldie. Well, Goldie turned out to be Winston.
Not quite a goldie. Our friend had gotten the breed wrong.

Winston's owner was pretty much comfortable with us, and decided let Winston come
home with us.

Winston's real sexy. He's a blonde version of Midnight.
( he's a real ang moh dog, and only responds to the kwai lo slang, as his last owner is one)
Lean with with a small waist, and he walks with style too.
Oh, he has balls too... literally. Balls that poor Night Night lost when he was a baby!

Winston has a winning smile..
especially when you scratch behind his ears,
when you do that, he thinks you are "best in the world" ( to borrow a term loosely from Nut )

At 3 years old he is full of energy. He never tires. At 3am in the morning he will greet you at the gate with his ball or chew bone to PLAY.. PLAY.. PLAY..

Winston's been with us for 2 weeks. It feels like years that he's been with us.
I'm just so anxious for him to meet Shine.

Shine Shine has a new bf..
I can't wait for Winston to be fully ours ( because he is still on probation ) and then Nut & me can become "in laws" !