Monday, October 01, 2007

What is my purpose in life?

"you what? ( flabbergasted look )
what are you going to do now?
wah you very brave ah, quit with NO JOB ah..!??!!

you don't know your plans yet?

are you going into full time ministry?

you mean you won't be working anymore ah?"

I've been getting these questions since i told people that i'll be leaving DDBI. I didn't panic at first. But after all the panicky questions from people, i'm beginning to ask myself if i've done the right thing. I guess the sense of security is really important, and the fear of the unknown paralysing. I understant now why people rather stay slaves to their jobs passionless than to discover their truest potential. One of the worry -warts is my mom. She has already started on her barrage of questions ( signs that she is worried, no...let me correct that, Freaking WORRIED!).

I'm still trying to piece together my next move. What I know is this:
This is a season where my walk of faith will be exciting. I chose this road. To walk out to discover what brings joy and meaning to even my working life. The last couple of years I bought into the ideology of building brands. Only to realise that brands are dead. They hold no meaning, perhaps only to the owners of the brand.

I've been reading about the old testament characters and i am deeply encouraged by Moses, Abraham and Esther
( cheh.. like my old friends like that ).
I realise that all these time I've been like a little frog under the coconut shell. My vision has been so myopic. It was really about climbing the advertising ladder - AE to AAD, then maybe regional positions then i couldn't see beyond that.

Once I started to look upwards, God started to put wonderful & inspiring people in my life , my aunties, pastors, missionaries, friends,cell members etc to show me, He is a God of BIG PLANS. And it's not just promotions in a company but claiming Nations for Him and impacting lives of generations. Wow! I am awed.

Just thought I share with you guys the little thoughts i have.
I try to remind myself everyday, that when I walk in the will of God and remember that in all that I do, to remember his purpose first, He will guide me and propel me to heights that is far more than all that I could see or do.

I'm scared but I'm also excited and looking forward to the challenging walk ahead whilst resting in His peace. I'm already thinking bout what i'll be doing during my transition.

2 projects which I hope to take it off the ground till end of the year :
1. Tuition for kids in the shelter home ( i've shared with some of you, so call me if you want to volunteer as we need at least 10 more ). It's on Thursdays, 7-9pm.

2. Working on a project for the Malaysian Rare Disorder Society together with a friend to promote awareness and to raise funds through and art auction.

Pray with me as I journey to discover my purpose.

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Anonymous said...

Who cares what others thing you "should" do? :) Just follow your heart and do what you think is best. If at first you don't make the right choice, then learn from that and try again.

The best thing you can do is to "Live all the days of your life!"

Go get em girl :)