Sunday, October 07, 2007

Final season

My tai-taidom farewell gift from the really means a lot to me!

I've been writing a fair bit about my journey in DDBI, especially so in the last few posts. More so, because it is quite difficult to walk out on a life that i've grown so accustomed to for the last 6 plus years. But i know, that my season there has ended, things are getting too comfortable ( although things in there are still chaotic!). The old has to go for a new season to begin.

Through the ups and downs, i will remember the people i've passed and journeyed with which i hope in a way i've impacted them in a good way as much as they have left a little of themselves in my life. Some people who are dear but i've not really talked about in my posts...

my boss and mentor Long, who have taught me not only about work but guided me through life's ups and downs

renay, my one and only AE who is now a super AM... she taught me how to be "cool & composed" and what it means to grit your teeth and press on no matter how difficult life is. Now that i'm "steady-lah" , i say our learning curve in getting the team up and soaring wasn't easy! But we did it.

Uncle YT! I couldn't find a "single" picture with him from the lot. Wow, he's one person who's brain i can never fathom and the speed of coming up with presentations that make sense. I'm going to miss his Whipping!

And the lil one.. Hui Tsin, i didn't get a "single" picture with her too. We had loads of fun pictures outside... The only person who understood the whole journey well , together we graduated from Monash, got into the same job by accident, suffered under the same bosses.

Alex.. whoah i remembered the "hit the roof" arguments we had on projects ( and it was just only trainings ). But this young man has tenacity and brains , not to mention a great sense of humour when he warms up.

Zahir who - wetted panties.. this young man is really quite cutesy in his own ways, and he has grown up and decided to take flight away from DDBI in Nov.

Jessey & Alvin, my two hot babes who strives with me through the ups and downs and are still thriving! My lunch and dinner kakis and drivers and my drinking - babysitters!

Baby Cass who's now all grown up to be Mrs Tan. Well matured beyond her years, she taught me the true meaning of silent strength.

My girlies : joanna who i'll miss the wacky brainstorm sessions on brand foundations, ROI & comm plans.. ( oh, we thought it will never end.. the plans !) I'm going to miss her when she heads back to canada ( but that'll mean a place for me to stay! yahoo.. hahaha)

and ah - deh, who taught me sweet humility. The gentle dry humour and the kindness she has shown makes great acts of service ( thank you for your porridge !).

If anyone wants to learn ANALISM, ian tan will be the best person to train you on it. I would not have picked up all the SOPs if it wasn't for him...the long e-mails, chats and evaluations..

Remember this face for hugs, panadols, "aw poor baby" and chocolates.. mama jules is a great hideaway to go too..

The one who i'll miss lots and lots is Ah Soh! The sweetest supergran in the agency who makes coffee with so much passion and her zeal for life is inspiring! Every cup of coffee is filled with love! She was the one successfully made me bawl like a baby. Her grandmotherly hugs and her "ah soh - nmee seh tak lei". For the rest of the people, I could still get online and throw a sheep on facebook! But for this gentle lil old lady, it's hard ( especially with my broken canto ) to get in touch with. I would have to remember to make an effort to visit her!

not forgetting... the journeys of an AE's first torture - Studio! boy has my cantonese and "chup sang-ness" improved!

And the people who's not in the pictures..
Wan Hoon, who taught me the Obedience and Faithfulness in walking with God. Without her constant reminders I think i would have strayed far far away.

Shane & Terence, the best people to talk kok sing song with. Always ever ready to lend a helping hand even to the extend of driving me all the way hope to subang after glasses of wine.. :P

I'll always remember my journey, here in DDBI.

The DDBI wall of fame...

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